About the 1978 Trip to Alaska
Jan's parents still lived in Fairbanks during the early part of our marriage.  We decided to go up there and visit.  We took the Ferry from Seattle to Haines, AK.  It was an interesting trip.  You will see from the pictures that Janice is all swollen up.  Jeannette was taking her first trip.

Bob and Doris met us with the motorhome in Haines Alaska and I think we went on every road we could.  The itinerary was as follows:
Hains Junction, Yukon Territories
Whitehourse, Yukon Territories
Dawson City, Yukon Territories
Eagle, AK
Tok, AK
Lake Louise, AK
Portage Glacier, AK
Homer, AK
Wasilla, AK via Anchorage
Mt. Mckinley National Park
Fairbanks, AK
I got to see a lot while I was there...including the old Russian Log Cabin which the Browns lived in when they first came to Fairbanks.

I had just gotten my Canon AE-1 and was still learning how to use it...hence some of the pix.  Also, 30 years have not been particularly kind to the pictures.