April Trip 2010 - April 19
We had to leave around 2pm to get our rental car and move to the RV Park.
I must say, they have a great back yard!
We ended up in Scottsdale and parked the motor home across the street from Ray Zazzetti's house.  Frank Ruggiero (a fellow I had worked with before) and his wife had dropped in and we had a nice visit.  We got a chance to spend some time with Ray and Jacqui and had a great dinner.  The next morning, Ray and I reviewed all of the guns we had and later went out shooting at the Scottsdale Gun Club.  I have to say it was the best range I had every used.  Digital target controls (which could hide or display the target...make it run towards you or away), full time range master who kept an eye on everything, and gleaming new equipment.  It was a blast.  Got to shoot my new Kimber, new S&W 635pc and my Olympic Arms K3B.