April Trip 2010 - April 22
Met Dee at the Desert Botanical Garden.  It is spring and it had rained more (before we arrived) than it had in years.  So much was in bloom.  There was also a Butterfly Exhibit open which was greats.  I have some selections below, but there are more pix in the Botanical Garden gallery and Butterfly Gallery.  The garden was quite large but was easily walked.
A view of the setting for the cactus.
The prickly pear cactus's were blooming.  I didn't know there were so many varieties.
Janice and Dee
More Flowering cactus.
Jan and Dave outside a recreation of an Apache wikiup.
A little tiny cactus flower
One of the butterflies
Jan and friend
The NW's Chilully had been there with a big glass show and this was left over.
Got back to the RV park and it rained for a couple of minutes, but Janice and I got to have a quiet evening of NCIS and dinner.