April Trip 2010 - April 26
We dropped Becky off at the airport this morning and turned in the Rental Car.  After a short visit to Camping World to pickup a sewer hose, we were on our way.  When we started this trip and went through a 5200 ft pass in Oregon, we thought we had hit the limit on altitude.  Then we went through Tonopah pass at 6500+ and again thought we had hit the limit.  However, that was blown out of the water today.
7600 feet and it wasn't even a pass (as we couldn't see anything higher) near Forest Lake on AZ 260.  We were awestruck.  Near the top, there was a lake!  The scenery was fantastic and there were a LOT of ponderosa pines.
We then headed to the Petrified Forest.  We had been there years before, but wanted to visit again.  Below are some pictures.  We took a hike on one.  It was at about 5500 feet of altitude and Janice got a little "huffy puffy" but did just fine.  I put in a Gallery for some huge pictures if folks want to see them.
It look like a scene from a science fiction movie...like one of those where folks get marooned on Mars.
The mutt didn't like it much.
Here are a couple of more pictures.
This was adjacent to the Painted Desert park.  We caught it in the late afternoon sun and I took a lot of pictures.  I'll put in an expanded gallery.  Below is a picture of a formation they call the "tepee".