April Trip 2010 - April 29
After rocking us gently to sleep last night, the wind storm blew itself out and we woke up to a beautiful morning..and everything inside covered with grit.  A little history...in 1937 with the Navaho nation suffering from the Depression, The Gouldings (who ran a small trading post) traveled to Hollywood to meet with John Ford to convince him to shoot westerns in Monument Valley.  He agreed and a lot of John Wayne movies were made in Monument Valley. Now Gouldings Trading Post has as campground, tour center, museum, and lodge.
As you can see, the weather cleared up for a while so we headed out to Monument Valley for a look.  It is not a National Park, but a Navaho Nation park.  Here is a gallery of more Monument Vally Pictures.
We headed on down the road to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area which had some more breath-taking views.  More in this gallery.
The town of Mexican hat was named for this feature.
We also ended up driving through Capital Reef State Park...again great views.  More in Gallery.
Ended up in Nephi, Utah where we spent the night.  It was pretty darned chilly when we got there...and little did we know...
Started driving through the pass to Utah and ran into a little spitting snowstorm.  No big deal, but did create some nice scenary.