Trip Home through California
Wanting to skip any more snow (if possible) we decided to return home via Interstate 8 to Interstate 5.  We needed to get back to Tualatin so Janice attend an appointment with her dad.  On the way through California, we had to stop and take pictures of these interesting mountains.  I tried to look up some data on them, but there was none I could find.
Janice wanted to stop at Jeannette and Becky's Alma Mater, Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego so we did make a brief stop and take some pictures.  There are more in this gallery

We are fans of the Storage Wars TV show and decided to stop in Brandi and Jarrod's store, Now and Then.  It seemed we missed their anniversary celebration, but were given a picture.  Not Brandi and Jarrod, but the employee.  Their truck was outside, but they were in the back. That was the end of the excitement except for an electric Xebra Zap car in Mt. Shasta.