About the 1995 Amor Ministries Trip
Kent First Nazarene Church had a tradition of sending teens on a trip to Mexico to build houses.  We used Amor Ministries as the vehicle to do this. 

Basically the teens raised the money for the travel expense and house materials.  Amor picks out the family, site, purchases the materials, provides the plans, and has interns to help where needed.  They also provide a "campground" at an old gravel pit with outdoor toilets and 2 gallons of questionable water to bath in per day.

So, we arrive and start working.  About 4 1/2 days later, there is a finished 11x22 two room house.  By finished I mean up, roof on, open stud walls, and stucco'ed outside walls.

The Church was "between youth pastors" and so Jim Castor volunteered to lead the trip.  Janice and I went along as chaparones/water carriers/whips.